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I -AM Driving Innovation

We are living in exciting times. Knowledge is shared faster than ever. Developments in technology are going lightning-fast. Everything seems possible. 

The environmental challenges that we, as a society, are facing have never in history been better understood by scientists and governments as in today.    

Bringing together bright scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs and letting them collaborate with public bodies and other stakeholders accelerates the understanding of today's best solutions and required knowledge for tomorrow, collectively working towards a sustainable world. One solution at a time. 

This is I-AM. Shaping the Future.


Research, Innovation, Solutions, Impact

I-AM has a focus on mobile robotics, their application and clean mobility


Intelligent Autonomous Mobility Center does independent research in the automotive/mobility sector and mobile robotics. Established in 2018, and located near the Eindhoven University Campus, The Netherlands it has had a major impact on assisting EU Tech Startups by providing knowledge and know-how on autonomous vehicles, electric drive-lines and intelligent autonomous systems for driving robots and vessels.

Technology Development

I-AM Innovation Center B.V.  develops and sells versatile intelligent robotic platforms (driving / sailing / flying), components and subsystems that help to tackle (environmental) challenges or boost your innovative product idea.

Technology and Solutions

I-AM Headquarters:

Hurksestraat 19-4.41
NL5652AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Connected Companies and Institutes

[Robotic Solutions] 

[Technology development]
I-AM Innovation Center B.V.
KvK: 80237940

[Research and Innovation]
Intelligent Autonomous Mobility Center ( I-AM Research ) 
KvK: 70609268


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